Leonie Martin

Many people believe the Church will one day – hopefully soon – declare that Leonie Martin is a saint.  Who is she? Leonie was the rebellious sister of St. Therese of Lisieux.  May her life inspire us to become holy no matter what kind of past we had.

St. Paul Miki

This Japanese saint was a very courageous martyr.   A martyr is a person willing to die for the faith.  May St. Paul Miki’s example inspire us to cherish and practice our Catholic faith devoutly.

Blessed Kateri Tekakawitha

On October 21, the United States will have another new saint!  This saint is unique among other American saints.  Why? Because she was an American Indian and her name was Kateri Tekakawitha.  Enjoy this vlog.

St. Jude

St. Jude was one of the 12 Apostles.  However, many people don’t know much about this saint.  Fr. MD wants to introduce you to him through this vlog because St. Jude is among his favorite saints!  God bless.

Venerable Matt Talbot

Venerable Matt Talbot was a recovering alcoholic.  Through God’s graces and his efforts, he stayed away from alcohol for 41 years.  His life continues to inspire countless people today who suffer with varying kinds of addictions.