Pope Francis’ Sign Name

Ever since Pope Francis was elected to the papacy, people have asked Fr. MD for his name sign.  This vlog will show the name sign chosen for Pope Francis.

“Strengthened in Faith: Confirmation” DVD

In this vlog, Fr. MD discusses a new DVD that teaches deaf teenagers about the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Anyone who wants to deepen their Catholic faith will likewise benefit from this valuable resource.  God bless.

Vlogs For iPad Users

Good News! Starting on December 2, people will be able to view our new vlogs on their iPads! Have a good week.

Fr. MD’s Kitchen Table’s New Home

Fr. MD’s Kitchen Table has a new home!  Let’s watch the vlog!  God bless.

The Passion Play in Brazil

This vlog will show some pictures of the first annual Passion play acted by Deaf people in Brasilia, Brazil. After viewing this vlog, you probably would want to fly to Brasilia to watch the play in real life when they have their second annual Passion play on April 10, 2010. Enjoy the pictures.