Introduction to Praying the Stations of the Cross

Praying the Stations of the Cross is one of the beautiful customs in the Catholic Church. Let’s watch this introductory vlog to understand what the Stations of the Cross are all about. Enjoy.

Rosary with Traditional Signing: Introduction

Many people have told Fr. MD how much they appreciate his Vlog with prayers in ASL. However, because they signed the prayers in English for many years, it is difficult now to change them to ASL. So Fr. MD has created a new Rosary with prayers signed the traditional way — the same as many deaf people learned to sign them. God bless.

Introduction on Morning and Evening Prayers

Many people have admitted that they often do not know what to say to God when praying. Fr. MD decides to create two vlogs on morning and evening prayers to support those people because praying is very important. This introductory vlog aims to help you become familiar with how to follow the morning and evening prayer vlogs.

Introduction on the Rosary

Remember the funny looking necklace made of pretty glass beads with a metal crucifix dangling from your grandma’s hands with the blue veins and age spots while she mouthed what seemed like a kazillion words? She was praying the Rosary just like many other Catholics all over the world including myself. The introduction vlog focuses on the history and purpose of the Rosary. The following four vlogs will show you how to pray the Rosary. Please feel free to pray the Rosary while at anytime while you are viewing the vlogs.