Can A Divorced Catholic Receive Holy Communion?
Fr. MD raises this touchy question because many Catholics have a wrong understanding of this particular Church teaching.  It is his hope that the vlog will clarify this frequently misunderstood teaching.  God bless.

What Is a Day of Obligation?

What is a Holy Day of Obligation?  These days are special, like when you visit your grandparents on Sundays or other important days like birthdays and wedding anniversaries.  The only difference is that a holy day of obligation celebrates something so special that the Church asks (tells?) us to go to  Mass.  Fr. MD hopes this vlog will inspire people to go to Mass every Sunday and on other Holy Days of Obligation.

How Should I Pray After Receiving Holy Communion?

Many people wonder how they should pray after receiving holy communion.  This vlog offers some helpful suggestions.  Enjoy.

What Sins Should We Tell In Confession?

Many people have asked Fr. MD for advice on how they can make a good confession without overlooking some sins from the past.  In this vlog, Fr. MD makes a suggestion and hopes it will be helpful to you.

What is Advent?

Advent is one of the liturgical seasons in the Catholic Church.  This vlog will explain more about this season.  Enjoy and God bless.