5th Sunday of Easter

The gospel reading for today is one of Fr. MD’s favorite ones.  In this vlog, he shares his reflections on the gospel.  Enjoy!  Based on the readings of Acts 9: 26-31; 1 John 3: 18-24; & John 15: 1-8.

4th Sunday of Easter

In the gospel reading, Jesus describes himself as a shepherd.  What does He mean?  How does this gospel reading apply to us?  Let’s watch the vlog to find out!  Based on the readings of Acts 4: 8-12; 1 John 3: 1-2; & John 10: 11-18.

3rd Sunday of Easter

Fr. MD, in this vlog, discusses two points on the gospel reading. Why?  Because he made the same two points two weeks ago on Easter Sunday.  Enjoy!  Based on the readings of Acts 3: 13-19; 1 John 21: 1-5; & Luke 24: 35-48.

2nd Sunday of Easter

Today, Fr. MD admits that he received new insight in reading the gospel story as narrated for today’s Mass. In this vlog, he discusses how important it is to read the Bible regularly.  That way, we also will continue to receive new insights about God.  Based on the readings of Acts 4:32-35; 1 John 5: 1-6; & John 20:19-31.