2nd Sunday of Lent

For today’s gospel reading, the Church focuses on the story of Jesus’ Transfiguration.  Why does the Church want us to read that story?  Let’s watch the vlog!  Based on the readings of Genesis 22: 1-18; Romans 8:31-34; & Mark 9: 2-10.

1st Sunday of Lent

Today is the first Sunday of Lent!  In the past, Fr. MD normally focused on the gospel reading.  However, he will now talk about the 1st reading!  It will give us some insights into the effects of all sins.  Based on the readings of Genesis 9: 8-15; 1 Peter 3: 18-22; & Mark 1: 12-15.

6th Sunday In Ordinary Time

The gospel reading for today talks about Jesus healing a leper.  This story reminds Fr. MD of St. Damien of Molokai.  Who was he?  This vlog will summarize his life.  Enjoy! Based on the readings of Leviticus 13:1-46; 1 Corinthians 10: 31-11:1; & Mark 1: 40-45.

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

It is apparent that the modern society, that we now live in, urges Christians to live their faith privately.  The Gospel tells us differently because Jesus chose to move around different towns and villages to proclaim the Good News.  We need to do likewise wherever we go.  Based on the readings of Job 7: 1-7; 1 Corinthians 9: 16-23; & Mark 1; 29-39.