21st Sunday In Ordinary Time

The gospel talks about Jesus choosing Peter to be the leader of His Church.  In this vlog, Fr. MD takes an opportunity to share interesting facts about the papacy.  Enjoy!  Based on the readings of Isaiah 22: 19-23; Romans 11: 33-36; & Matthew 16: 13-20.

20th Sunday In Ordinary Time

The gospel talks about Jesus’ refusal to help someone because she was not Jewish. However, Jesus changed His mind.   Why?  Let’s watch the vlog to see what Fr. MD has to say.  Based on the readings of Isaiah 56: 1-7; Romans 11: 13-32; & Matthew 15: 21-28.

19th Sunday In Ordinary Time

Today, the gospel mentions that the disciples thought they were seeing a ghost when Jesus walked across the sea.  Fr. MD wants to take an opportunity to discuss why we should stay away from psychics, playing ouija, or similar activities.  Based on the readings of 1 Kings 19: 9-13; Romans 9: 1-5; & Matthew 14: 22-23.


Today is the feast of Jesus’ Transfiguration.  In the gospel, God commands the three Apostles to listen to His Son.  Not only them, God also commands us to do so.  What are the best ways for us to listen to Jesus?  This vlog gives some ideas.  Based on the readings of Daniel 7: 9-14; 2 Peter 1: 16-19; & Matthew 17: 1-9.