17th Sunday In Ordinary Time

In the gospel today, Jesus teaches his disciples how to pray the Lord’s prayer or the Our Father.  This vlog discusses what each line in the prayer means.  When we think of it line by line, praying the Our Father will become more meaningful.  Based on the readings of Genesis 18: 20-32; Colossians 2: 12-14; & Luke 11: 1-13.

Why Do Catholics Light Votive Candles?

This vlog explains why Catholics light a candle in a church.


16th Sunday In Ordinary Time

Fr. MD continues to focus on his discussion from last week on how important it is for us to be kind to strangers.  Today, he talks about three saints who served Jesus by being kind to the strangers they met.  Enjoy!  Based on the readings of Genesis 18: 1-10; Colossians 1: 24-28; & Luke 10: 38-42.

Our Lady of Miraculous Medal

This rerun vlog talks about Our Lady of Miraculous Medal.

15th Sunday In Ordinary Time

Why did Jesus tell the Parable about the Good Samaritan?  He wanted to emphasize that we must be kind — not only to those we love, but also to strangers. This vlog will explain more.  Based on the readings of Deuteronomy 30:10-14; Colossians 1: 15-20; & Luke 10: 25-37.