22nd Sunday In Ordinary Time

It is not always easy to follow God’s will. Often we suffer by doing so, The readings today show that Jeremiah and Jesus also suffered for being obedient to God’s will. Let’s watch the vlog to understand why it is still important to follow God’s will. Based on the readings of Jeremiah 20: 7-9; Roams 12: 1-2; Matthew 16: 21-27.

21st Sunday In Ordinary Time

Fr. MD has read many times that Peter proclaimed Jesus as the Christ – the son of Living God.  But not until today did he realizes how courageous Peter was to say that.  This vlog will summarize Fr. MD’s thoughts on the topic  Enjoy.  Based on the readings of Isaiah 22: 19-23; Romans 11: 33-36; Matthew 16: 13-20.

20th Sunday In Ordinary Time

People often ask the question: “Why doesn’t God give us immediately what we pray for?”  The woman in the gospel faced a similar situation. In the vlog, Fr. MD offers an explanation to this question.  Based on the readings of Isaiah 56: 1-7; Romans 11: 13-32; Matthew 15: 21-28.

19th Sunday In Ordinary Time

In this vlog, Fr. MD takes the opportunity to discuss faith sharing.  For him, faith sharing sessions are helpful in growing a better understanding of God – thanks to the different perspectives on the biblical stories offered by the other people who participate in these sessions.  Enjoy.  Based on the readings of 1 Kings 19: 9-13; Romans 9: 1-5; Matthew 14: 22-33.

Transfiguration of Our Lord

Today, we remember the transfiguration of our Lord.  The gospel explains that three of the Apostles witnessed Jesus’ face shining brightly, his clothes became white and that Jesus, during his transfiguration, conversed with Moses and Eljiah.  In the vlog, Fr. MD shares four thoughts on this subject.  Based on the readings of Daniel 7: 9-14; 2 Peter 1: 16-19; Matthew 17: 1-9.