4th Sunday of Easter

The gospel tells us today that Jesus is our Good Shepherd.  Let’s watch to see what Fr. MD has to say.  Enjoy.  Based on the readings of Acts 4: 8-12; 1 John 3: 1-2; John 10: 11-18.

Interview With Sue Gudenkauf

In this interview, Sue Gudenkauf discusses her life as a consecrated virgin.  What is a consecrated virgin, you might wonder.  Let’s watch the vlog to find out.  God bless.

3rd Sunday of Easter

Today Fr. MD discusses the importance of reading the Scriptures on a regular basis.  Why?  St. Jerome, a Biblical scholar, summarizes well, “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.”  Based on the readings of Acts 3: 13-19; 1 John 2: 1-5; Luke 24: 35-48.

Who Can Baptize?

This vlog will discuss who is allowed to do a baptism.  Many viewers may be surprised to learn that anyone can baptize under certain conditions.  Enjoy!

2nd Sunday of Easter

How would you reply to the comment: “I am Christian but I don’t need to go to church”?  Let’s watch the vlog to find out what Fr. MD thinks.  God bless.  Based on the readings of Acts 4: 32-35; 1 John 5: 1-6; John 20: 19-31.