The Most Holy Trinity

Two weeks ago, we celebrated the Ascension of our Lord, and last week we celebrated the Pentecost.  What do we celebrate today?  Let’s watch the vlog!  God bless you.  Based on the readings of Exodus 34: 4-9; 2 Corinthinas 13: 11-13; John 3: 16-18

Pentecost Sunday

Today is the Pentecost Sunday.  What is Pentecost?  Let’s watch the vlog and you will learn more about this day, the Holy Spirit, and Catholic Church. Enjoy.  Based on the readings of Acts 2: 1-11; 1 Corinthians 12: 3-12; John 20: 19-23

Interview With Art Roehrig

Art Roehrig is Deaf/Blind and one of the leading advocates for the Deaf community.  In this vlog, he shares his thoughts and advice.  Viewers will find this interview unique and beneficial.  God bless you.

Ascension of the Lord

The Catholic Church worldwide, on this day, celebrates Jesus’ ascension to Heaven.  Fr. MD wants to take an opportunity to explain what we believe about the ascension of our Lord.  The viewers will also enjoy some interesting information on this subject.  Based on the readings of Acts 1: 12-4; 1 Peter 4: 13-16; John 17: 1-11

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

This vlog focuses on Our Lady of Perpetual Help.  May this vlog inspire you to always ask the Blessed Mother for her prayers and help.  Enjoy.