6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

by Fr. MD   •   May 20, 2022

No matter how much we wish that we could avoid difficult situations and issues, we will always face them in our lives.  This is also true in the Church.  However, we have the Holy Spirit to guide us.  This vlog will explain more.   Based on the readings of Acts 15: 1-29; Revelation 21: 10-23; & John 14: 23-29.

5th Sunday of Easter

by Fr. MD   •   May 13, 2022

Last week, Fr. MD talked about the life of St. Barnabas.  Now, it is St. Paul’s turn!  Enjoy this vlog with a summary of his life.Based on the readings of Acts 14: 21-27; Revelation 21: 1-5; & John 13: 31-35.

4th Sunday of Easter

by Fr. MD   •   May 6, 2022

The first reading talks about Paul and Barnabas on a missionary trip.  Who was St. Barnabas?  In this vlog, Fr. MD takes an opportunity to summarize his life.  Enjoy learning more about him!  Based on the readings of Acts 13: 14-52; Revelation 7: 9-17; & John 10: 27-30

3rd Sunday of Easter

by Fr. MD   •   April 29, 2022

Fr. MD enjoys all three readings in the Mass.  He will share his reflection on each reading.  They give a lot of food for thought.  Based on the readings of Acts 5: 27-41; Revelation 5: 11-14; & John 21: 1-19.

Sunday of Divine Mercy

by Fr. MD   •   April 22, 2022

Today the Church remembers Divine Mercy.  in this vlog, Fr. MD discusses a few questions like What is mercy?; How can we show mercy to other people?  How DOES God’s mercy represent His love for us?  Enjoy!  Acts 4: 32-35; 1 John 5: 1-6; & John 20: 19-31.