Maria de la Luz Camacho

Maria, proclaimed a Servant of God, was a heroic martyr in Mexico.  She died for defending children and a priest inside a church from a mobster who wanted to burn the building.  May her love for God and the Catholic Church inspire our faith!

St. Joseph

St. Joseph is one of the most popular saints in the Catholic Church.  May this vlog inspire you to appreciate this remarkable man.God bless.

Sr. Patricia Hughes – The First American Deaf Nun

In this vlog, I am interviewing Sr. Kathleen who is from Philadelphia.  However, here she is not talking about herself but Sr. Patricia Hughes who died more than 100 years ago.  Sr. Patricia was the first deaf nun in the United States!  Enjoy!

St. Andre Bessette

In honor of  Canada, our wonderful neighbor to the north,  Fr. MD wants to tell the story of their beloved native, St. Andre Bessette.  In spite of his limited education, he was a heroic Christian witness living the faith.  He is known especially for helping the poor and praying for people who were very sick.  Enjoy the vlog.

Leonie Martin

Many people believe the Church will one day – hopefully soon – declare that Leonie Martin is a saint.  Who is she? Leonie was the rebellious sister of St. Therese of Lisieux.  May her life inspire us to become holy no matter what kind of past we had.