6th Sunday of Easter

The first reading today talks about Peter and John laying hands on Christians so they can receive the Holy Spirit.  The Catholics continue to receive the Holy Spirit through the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Today’s vlog will explain more.  Based on the readings of Acts 8: 5-17; 1 Peter 3: 15-18; John 14: 15-21.

5th Sunday of Easter

This gospel reading, in which Jesus teaches that there are plenty of rooms in the Father’s house, is often used for funeral Masses.  Many people take comfort from reading Jesus’ assurance.  Unfortunately, there are some people who are terrified of dying.  In this vlog, Fr. MD offers a few tips for those who are very afraid of their own death.  Based on the readings of Acts 6: 1-7; 1 Peter 2: 4-9; John 14: 1-12.

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Today, Fr. MD takes the opportunity to discuss why the Pope is not the Anti-Christ or false prophet as claimed by some people who are against the Catholic Church.  Jesus chose Peter to be the leader of the early Christian community and the importance of having a visible leader has not changed for the modern Church.  Thanks be to God for giving us Pope Francis as our 265th pope since Peter who was the first pope.  Based on the readings of Acts 2: 14-41; 1 Peter 2: 20-25; John 10: 1-10.

3rd Sunday of Easter

The gospel talks about two disciples’ failure to recognize the resurrected Jesus when He walked on the road with them .  Why did they not recognize Him?  Fr. MD thinks he has an answer.  Watch the vlog and you will probably agree with him.  Based on the readings of Acts 2: 14-33; 1 Peter 1: 17-21; Luke 24: 13-35.

2nd Sunday of Easter

In the vlog today, Fr. MD offers a reason for Thomas’s witness to Jesus when He appeared to the apostles the second time.  May this vlog inspire us to pray hard for our loved ones and other people who have not yet experienced a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.  Once again, Happy Easter!  Based on the readings of Acts 2: 42-47; 1 Peter 1: 3-9; John 20: 19-31