2nd Sunday of Lent

by Fr. MD   •   February 13, 2016

Today’s gospel reading about the Transfiguration of Jesus as is one of Fr. MD’s favorite stories.  Why?  Let’s watch the vlog.  Based on the readings of Genesis 15: 5-18; Philippians 3: 17-4:1; Luke 9:28-36.

1st Sunday of Lent

by Fr. MD   •   February 12, 2016

Today the gospel talks about Jesus staying in the desert for 40 days.  Why did he do that?  In this vlog, Fr. MD gives a few answers by discussing some of the saints who lived as hermits.  Enjoy.  Based on the readings of Deuteronomy  26: 4-10; Romans 10: 8-13; Luke 4: 1-13.

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

by Fr. MD   •   February 5, 2016

Today, Fr. MD continues his discussion from last week.  He compares Peter’s example of being humble and obedient just like Naaman was.  May we become more appreciative of the value of being humble and obedient.  God bless.  Based on the readings of Isaiah 6: 1-8; 1 Corinthians 15: 1-11; Luke 5: 1-11.

4th Sunday In Ordinary Time

by Fr. MD   •   January 29, 2016

In the vlog, Jesus mentions a person called Naaman. Who was he?  Let’s watch the vlog and learn how we can follow Naaman’s example.  Based on the readings of Jeremiah 1: 4-19; 1 Corinthians 12: 31- 13: 13; Luke 4: 21-30

3rd Sunday In Ordinary Time

by Fr. MD   •   January 22, 2016

Today’s gospel reading is taken from the beginning of St. Luke’s Gospel.   Why did St. Luke write this gospel?  He wants people to know more about Jesus Christ. Can we be like St. Luke and share our faith with other people?  Based on the readings of Nehemiah 8: 2-10; 1 Corinthians 12: 30; Luke 1: 1-21.